Urban not outfitting me anymore

The other day I came across this Buzzfeed article detailing what the hire-ups at Urban Outfitters describe their customers as, and I couldn’t totally disagree with them. Yes, I have clothing from Urban, but I have noticed of late that I’m just not feeling them anymore. In fact, I had actually unsubscribed from the Urban emails the day prior to this article running (do articles on the internet run?). The quality is lacking, and even though, yes, you can get great things there on sale, I am at the point in my life where I’d rather save my money and invest in better fitting, higher quality pieces. Will I stroll into an Urban when I walk by and see they are having a sale? Yes. And yes, I might actually by something if its insanely on sale. I’m weaning myself off. I unsubscribed to their emails. Baby steps.


Something tells me this isn’t work appropriate.

image courtesy of UrbanOutfitters.com



Traveling Light

I am a huge fan of clutches, they are stylish yet discreet and always add a certain je ne sais quoi to an outfit. Sick and tired of your tried and true LBD? Jazz it up with a fun clutch. There is something so glamorous about carrying a clutch, a woman can carry her whole life in her handbag but just her secrets in her clutch. They evoke a time when people didn’t have cell phones or credit cards, all a woman needed was her lipstick and a hankie. They also remind me of my very stylish grandmother, a woman who gave me a love of all things that glitter and gold.

Three clutches given to me by my grandmother, a patent leather with a chic bow (great for weddings!), an ombre blue woven clutch (last seen here), and yes, a clutch with a watch attached, for the independent woman who doesn’t need a man to tell her the time.

Styling in the Rain

Styling in the Rain
               So the Windy City has been rather wet lately, wet and cold. Not fun for mid-April, even if they do mean May flowers.  I spent some time in the rain this evening, waiting to see an apartment (moving–ugh, decorating posts–yay!), and then walking home to my current place. I’m a huge walker, even the rain doesn’t usually stop me, so here I give you my rain survival guide.
                I created a spring outfit because yes it is spring, and its hard to remember that when your alarm goes off and its still dark out and all you want to do is stay curled up in bed. I find that sometimes when the weather is gross, adding some color really brightens up one’s day. A fun, compact umbrella, cheery tall boots (everyone has Hunter’s for a reason!), a crossbody that stays close to you so you can carry your umbrella hands free, and a scarf to keep warm really reminds you and everyone else on the train the reason for the season. I paired them with a Barbour jacket because I swear by mine, it is shockingly waterproof and I love the zillion pockets. I feel like Kate Middleton in it (!).  Whenever it is raining, I always rock the side braid because side braids are almost expected to be a little disheveled, so it doesn’t matter if your hair accidentally gets wet. Hairwise, I’ll give you another rainy day tip–top knots and umbrellas don’t mix. But that, my friends, is a story for another day.

The glamour of Grey Gardens

Photo from Tumblr

Photo from Tumblr

After seeing the HBO film several times, I recently sat down and watched the actual documentary Grey Gardens upon which the HBO film is based. I thoroughly enjoyed both, and was amazed at how accurate the movie was. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it.

One simply cannot mention Grey Gardens and not be inspired by the wardrobe of Little Edie, from the turtlenecks, to the fur coat, and of course the omnipresent head scarf she wears. Little Edie’s style has influenced many a designer, including Marc Jacobs, who named a bag after her, to Phillip Lim, who created a whole collection inspired by her.

I recently purchased a black one piece bathing suit (my first since high school swim team!) and fell in love. Watching the infamous scene at the end of the documentary with Edie marching around in her one piece, turtleneck, headscarf, and stockings, I couldn’t help but be reminded of my own happy dance I did when trying my one piece on. Maybe this summer I’ll tote around an American flag and pretend I’m holed up in East Hampton, making sure I don’t wear red shoes on Thursdays. What do you think, chickens? 

one piece

Image from JCrew.com

Image from JCrew.com

Still bananas for Rachel Zoe

I die….

So the twitterverse has been aflutter this week with news that the current season of the Rachel Zoe Project has been struggling with ratings, and that Bravo will make this the last season. I’m left scratching my head at this, this season of The Rachel Zoe project has been the best by far. Yes, the past two seasons were much more celebrity heavy, but the focus of this season on Rachel as a working mom building this empire is much more fascinating. Having her son has mellowed her out quite a bit, and I love seeing the behind the scenes of Rachel Zoe Inc., particularly the designing and marketing of her eponymous line. The only thing I dislike about this season is Rodger’s haircut/spelling of his name.

I’ve always been a fan of Rachel’s boho chic style, and I think she has excellent taste. We have a mutal affinity for sequins, gold jewelry, and fur….how can anyone not enjoy watching someone wearing this fabulous fur hat?

Photo courtesy of Bravotv.com

Photo courtesy of Bravotv.com

For hilarious and spot on recaps of The Rachel Zoe Project, head over to Amy O’Dell’s on Buzzfeed.

I Dabble

This past week, I took my first Dabble class, appropriately, on blogging. For those that don’t know, Dabble is a site that offers classes on a variety of topics taught by experts in the field. My class was titled “Fashion Blogging for Beginners” and it was taught by the incredible Jena of ChiCityFashion. I’ve been following Jena for several years and I view her as a pillar in the Chicago fashion scene. It was great meeting Jena and hearing her insights on things, I found her both inspiring and encouraging, and I definitely learned a lot. Being in the Public Hotel and drinking maybe the best Moscow Mule I’ve ever had also helped. Jena said she intended to hold more classes so I encourage anyone considering starting a blog to take it. There is nothing like learning from a master!

To learn more about Dabble, go here.

To learn more about Jena and read her awesome blog (if you don’t already), go here. I also recommend following her on both Instagram and Twitter.

ZangBetsy loves Etsy

My name is Betsy and I love Etsy. I’ve been shopping on Etsy for awhile now, its  great for fun, unique gifts (soap made from craft beer!), decor, and my personal favorite, jewelry. I’ve bought several pieces on Etsy, and I’ve yet to be disappointed by the quality. I appreciate the vintage aesthetic but I don’t do a lot of vintage shopping, and I feel Etsy strikes a nice balance between these two things. You can find what you are looking for (both new and old) at several different price points, and I love the idea that I’m directly supporting the shop owner.

My latest Etsy purchase arrived today, it is two dainty rhinestone necklaces that were on sale for $15. They are missing some strands, which was in the description and hence why they were discounted, but I thought that gave them more of a vintage personality. These are extremely versatile, I can wear them alone or together, to glam up a tee and jeans or add some sparkle to a cocktail dress. So next time you are craving some new jewelry, I suggest you give Etsy a whirl!

Photo courtesy of VintageBeth's Etsy shop

Photo courtesy of VintageBeth’s Etsy shop