This is how Zang does it

Throughout my adult life, I’ve been fortunate to have a large closet in every place I’ve lived. My current apartment is no exception, I have a closet similar to Carrie Bradshaw’s (ugh I know–Sex and the City reference in the first post! I won’t make it a habit) where you have to walk through to get to my bathroom. It completely sold me on the apartment.

On one side of my walk through is all my clothes, I always pack away my out of season clothes though I pride myself on having lots of year-round items. Above is a picture of my winter wear.

I’m a bit unconventional in that my closet isn’t really organized at all, not by color, or item, but I do hang up as much as I can. I like seeing everything before me. Another thing that is odd is that I am constantly rotating my closet, that is, every day I wear what is at the front and at the end of the day put it in the laundry or hang it up at the end of the line. I realize this sounds insane, but I’ve been doing this for about three years and let me tell you why I won’t change.

1. Getting ready for work in the morning is a breeze. I am not a morning person, and I try and stay in bed as long as I can after my alarm goes off. I also rotate my work pants. If something isn’t appropriate for work, I just go to the next thing and leave number one for a night out or the weekend.

2. It helps me create more outfits. Like everyone else I do pair the same necklace with a certain dress, but constantly mixing my tops and bottoms have created more outfits than I would take time to put together regularly.

3. I weed out what I don’t like. Working at two different retail stores I have procured a lot of clothes, mostly (I will fully admit) I bought because they were cheap. This past year or so I’ve been working on consolidating my wardrobe, if something doesn’t make me feel awesome, I give it away.

4. I wear everything in my closet. With the exception of cocktail dresses, I can honestly say I wear everything in my closet at least once a year.

5. Since I see all my clothes, I know what I’m missing. This helps me when shopping, so I don’t buy something similar to something I already own. Since I’m also so familiar with my wardrobe, its easier finding things that will work with what I already have.

I realize this is not the ideal closet for everyone, but I encourage people to at least give it a try–you might be pleasantly surprised!


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