ZangBetsy loves Etsy

My name is Betsy and I love Etsy. I’ve been shopping on Etsy for awhile now, its  great for fun, unique gifts (soap made from craft beer!), decor, and my personal favorite, jewelry. I’ve bought several pieces on Etsy, and I’ve yet to be disappointed by the quality. I appreciate the vintage aesthetic but I don’t do a lot of vintage shopping, and I feel Etsy strikes a nice balance between these two things. You can find what you are looking for (both new and old) at several different price points, and I love the idea that I’m directly supporting the shop owner.

My latest Etsy purchase arrived today, it is two dainty rhinestone necklaces that were on sale for $15. They are missing some strands, which was in the description and hence why they were discounted, but I thought that gave them more of a vintage personality. These are extremely versatile, I can wear them alone or together, to glam up a tee and jeans or add some sparkle to a cocktail dress. So next time you are craving some new jewelry, I suggest you give Etsy a whirl!

Photo courtesy of VintageBeth's Etsy shop

Photo courtesy of VintageBeth’s Etsy shop


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