Still bananas for Rachel Zoe

I die….

So the twitterverse has been aflutter this week with news that the current season of the Rachel Zoe Project has been struggling with ratings, and that Bravo will make this the last season. I’m left scratching my head at this, this season of The Rachel Zoe project has been the best by far. Yes, the past two seasons were much more celebrity heavy, but the focus of this season on Rachel as a working mom building this empire is much more fascinating. Having her son has mellowed her out quite a bit, and I love seeing the behind the scenes of Rachel Zoe Inc., particularly the designing and marketing of her eponymous line. The only thing I dislike about this season is Rodger’s haircut/spelling of his name.

I’ve always been a fan of Rachel’s boho chic style, and I think she has excellent taste. We have a mutal affinity for sequins, gold jewelry, and fur….how can anyone not enjoy watching someone wearing this fabulous fur hat?

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

For hilarious and spot on recaps of The Rachel Zoe Project, head over to Amy O’Dell’s on Buzzfeed.


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