Styling in the Rain

Styling in the Rain
               So the Windy City has been rather wet lately, wet and cold. Not fun for mid-April, even if they do mean May flowers.  I spent some time in the rain this evening, waiting to see an apartment (moving–ugh, decorating posts–yay!), and then walking home to my current place. I’m a huge walker, even the rain doesn’t usually stop me, so here I give you my rain survival guide.
                I created a spring outfit because yes it is spring, and its hard to remember that when your alarm goes off and its still dark out and all you want to do is stay curled up in bed. I find that sometimes when the weather is gross, adding some color really brightens up one’s day. A fun, compact umbrella, cheery tall boots (everyone has Hunter’s for a reason!), a crossbody that stays close to you so you can carry your umbrella hands free, and a scarf to keep warm really reminds you and everyone else on the train the reason for the season. I paired them with a Barbour jacket because I swear by mine, it is shockingly waterproof and I love the zillion pockets. I feel like Kate Middleton in it (!).  Whenever it is raining, I always rock the side braid because side braids are almost expected to be a little disheveled, so it doesn’t matter if your hair accidentally gets wet. Hairwise, I’ll give you another rainy day tip–top knots and umbrellas don’t mix. But that, my friends, is a story for another day.

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