Urban not outfitting me anymore

The other day I came across this Buzzfeed article detailing what the hire-ups at Urban Outfitters describe their customers as, and I couldn’t totally disagree with them. Yes, I have clothing from Urban, but I have noticed of late that I’m just not feeling them anymore. In fact, I had actually unsubscribed from the Urban emails the day prior to this article running (do articles on the internet run?). The quality is lacking, and even though, yes, you can get great things there on sale, I am at the point in my life where I’d rather save my money and invest in better fitting, higher quality pieces. Will I stroll into an Urban when I walk by and see they are having a sale? Yes. And yes, I might actually by something if its insanely on sale. I’m weaning myself off. I unsubscribed to their emails. Baby steps.


Something tells me this isn’t work appropriate.

image courtesy of UrbanOutfitters.com



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