Zang’s Book Club

I’ll be the first to admit I’m not wild about book clubs, I don’t like not choosing what I’m reading and it gets frustrating trying to discuss a book that not everyone has read. My new monthly feature will highlight books I’ve read and enjoyed, some things inspired by them, and if you want to discuss them I’m all for that as well. 

For my first book, I’m suggesting Bringing Home the Birkin by Michael Tonello. Bringing Home the Birkin chronicles Tonello’s rise as a top seller on eBay dealing solely in Hermes. I’ve long been under the Hermes spell, I appreciate the amazing quality and legacy of the brand, and I love the fact that it remains a family run company in this day and age where it seems like everything is a huge conglomerate. I also am a huge eBayer so I enjoyed that behind the scenes aspect. In addition, Tonello lives in Spain and travels the world for his Birkins, creating a formula (including outfit) to obtain the waitlist-only bags. This is a great, quick read that provides a glamorous getaway at a fraction of the price.

Bonus: the Hermes orange book cover looks great on a bookshelf–you can find the hardcover on Amazon for a great deal. Image


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