MomsThree of my favorite and most stylish famous moms (and moms to be)

Today is mother’s day, and while unfortunately I can’t actually be with my mom today, I have been reflecting on everything she has given me over the years and how she has shaped me to be the person I am today. It was her hand I was holding the day I first set foot into Bergdorf’s, dressed to the nines. It was with her that every January we went to the Ferragamo store to their annual sale, a store that first gave me a real appreciation of fine–and classic–shoes. Saturdays growing up were spent shopping, sifting through the racks at Loehmans, Nordstrom Rack, and Filene’s Basement, a store closing that we both mourned. We never pay full price!She instilled in me the importance of looking nice, both as a sign of respect to myself and to others. She encouraged my at-times quirky fashion choices, shaping my unique style I have today.

Not only am I incredibly lucky to have a mother that’s as smart, kind, and beautiful as mine, I’m also lucky to have her as my best friend. Based on my Instagram I’m not the only one to think my mom is the best, so today, while you are having brunch and sharing a toast to your mom, thank her for everything she’s given you.


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