Put me in, Coach

Every summer when we would go on vacation to Long Island, my mom would take me shopping for a day in the Hamptons, with their gorgeous, tree-lined streets and beautiful stores. Every time we had to stop in the Coach store. I’ll never forget the deep leather scent of that store, the soft touch of the bags, and how bored I would get because everything was either black, red, or tan.

I became reacquainted with Coach in college, my college roommate Sarah and subsequently half of my sorority worked at the Coach store, and thusly everyone was soon carrying around the signature Coach jacquard that came the brand’s staple in the mid-2000’s. Eventually, it became so ubiquitous that it lost all cache, and in perhaps the most disturbing turn of events, paved the way for one of the travesty of the mid-naughts, the Goach bag. Not quite Gucci, not quite Coach, completely nauseating.

Recently, I’ve been tracking the rebirth of the Coach brand, the return to their signature beautiful, simple designs in amazing leather, adding colors beyond my childhood self’s imagination. Don’t believe me? (It’s OK–neither did my Mom) I perused their site and picked out some of my favs.


This is an iPad case but I would carry it as a clutch, the yellow is bright and unexpected.


Totally retro, the dowel is an unexpected twist. I always love a good crossbody. Bonus: you can score vintage ones on eBay.


Every woman needs animal print in their life. Classic and goes with everything. 


I love a good thick heel and navy is so perfect for summer. Cute, and can be dressed up or down. 

So next time you are in the market for a new bag, consider Coach. Beautifully made and at an amazing price point.


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