Riding Dirty: Chicago Bike to Work Week

This week, I’m participating in Chicago Bike Commuter Challenge. Earlier this Spring, I purchased a Schwinn Cruiser, which I’ve been mostly riding back and forth between friend’s houses in Lincoln Park/Lakeview (read: quiet neighborhood streets). So Monday when I hopped on my bike to go to work, it was a bit scary. I rode through the city to my office in River North. Today, I rode in along the Lakefront path which was really amazing since I love being near water, however it got a bit dicey when it was time to get off the path. Not going to lie, this is what I’ve felt the past two days during my commute:planes_t_auto_580_359_s_c1

Complete with daisy skull cap!

Regardless, I’m really glad that I’m challenging myself. And as I get the different routes down and riding more on the road, I’m becoming more comfortable. Sure, I’m probably not going to ride to bike to work every day (it’s impossible to maintain wearing my hair down), hopefully I’ll do it a few times a month. It was a nice way to start and end my work day, and it’s always nice getting some exercise in. I’m extremely lucky that I live in such a bike friendly city, and I’m glad I’m able to take advantage.

Finally, I’m going to share one more thing I learned biking to work this week: wrap dresses are not very bike friendly.


Right after I bought my bike–I had to get black, it goes with everything!


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