New kid on the block: comfortable heels

After graduating college, I ended up tossing every single pair of heels I owned. Not only were they worn into the ground and covered in cannot-be-removed bar goo, but I also decided I was getting too old to be teetering in stilettos wearing a Forever21 top and jeans (ahh the wisdom of me at 22). For the past several years I’ve mostly worn flats, which I think can also be attributed to the rise of the Tory Burch Reva as well as the early years of my 20’s spent working in retail. I’ve been enjoying the recent popularity of the wedge as well, you still have the comfort and stability yet you get a nice little lift, which irrefutably makes everyone’s legs look leaner. The new trend that I’ve been seeing in heels that has also given me an “Amen!” moment has been block heels. Not only are these perfect for times when wedges aren’t the most appropriate, but they are also slowly taking over the awful stripper-real-housewife-lady gaga platform stilettos that manage to look both hideous and extremely unattractive. Here are some of my favorite thicker heels:



J.Crew describes their Etta Pumps as “heels for the girl who only wears flats”, that’s me! They also showed these with another one of my favorite J.Crew pieces: the toothpick jean in their spring catalog and I loved the look. These cap toe ones remind me of Chanel, which of course is never a bad thing!


J.Crew’s little sib Madewell also brings it in the shoe department. I have a pair of the Frankie Pumps and they are the heels I’ll still be wearing after a long night out when everyone else is walking barefoot. I love this unexpected yet goes with everything color combo. 


This Zara sandal is perfect for summer: nude, white, and under $50. 


These Asos metallic pumps would be a great alternative to the gold sandal at a summer wedding–the green is so unexpected!


I bought these McAlister heels after lusting after the wedge version but getting these because they are on sale. The first weekend I wore them was when galavanting around New York City, nary a blister in sight. Great for wearing with leggings when you need that long and lean look. 


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