Zang Thoroughly Enjoys: June

Tarnish scarf / Redken beauty product / Velvet jacket 
Jessica Walter/matte top coat/Huggable Hangers 
“Bon Jour” scarf: anyone who has encountered me wearing my beret out has endured me enthusiastically greeting them with “Bon Jour!” in my horrendous high pitched French accent. Since I can’t wear my beret in the summer, this is a perfect alternative. I also love the bright, preppy color combo.
Redken Argan Oil: I know I am beyond late to this game, but my stylist just introduced me, and I’m in love. I was convinced it would make my hair look greasy, but it just leaves it soft and shiny and frizz free. Perfect for the warmer weather!
Military jackets: I absolutely LOATHE jean jackets. These are a great alternative, the color is surprisingly neutral, they are much softer, and you can avoid a Canadian tuxedo. I’m just going to stop now before I go off about jean jackets.
Jessica Walter: With the return of Arrested Development, there is a bevy of interviews with Jessica Walter floating around lately and I just find her absolutely charming. I think of Lucille Bluth as somewhat of my spirit animal (furs, pearls, vodka, spending without abandon, impeccably dressed) and while the reviews of the AD Season 4 were somewhat mixed, I think everyone can say that Jessica stole the show.
Matte top coat: I’ve been painting this on white nails to give them an unexpected dimension. The only thing I don’t like is that it doesn’t show up well on Instagram. If I paint my nails and don’t Instagram it, are they really painted?
Huggable Hangers: I am aware blogging about hangers is dorky and boring, but I can’t recommend these enough. After recently moving and throwing out my wire hangers (freedom!) I bought these after reading about them all over the internets. They keep all of my tops on the hangers  no matter how silky or slippery, and they practically doubled the size of my closet.

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