Closet Cleaning: The one in, one out rule


The sea was angry that day, just like an old man trying to send back soup at a deli.*

Between packing for a move and sorting through my summer clothes, I realize that I have too much stuff. I’ve managed to organize my new closet(s) in a way that has worked for me thus far, and there is little room for additional items. To try and curb my spending, manage what I have, and eventually cultivate a closet of great staples I love (I really don’t like my summer clothes), I’ve decided to implement the “one in, one out” rule. Basically this means, before you buy something, you must give something away. For instance, I wanted to buy this party dress, but I had several other cocktail dresses and didn’t really need another one. So, I decided to ditch one that I already had to make room for this one. I had a sundress that was just a tad too low cut, and now I have room for a new maxi. You get the idea. Also, I’m hoping that since I’m sharing this new plan with you, it’ll hold me accountable to actually do it. And with that, I’ll keep you posted.

*I know this is a completely random picture choice, but as are the variety of images that pop up when you google “one in one out” 


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