Sweatpants and the downfall of society

Jerry Seinfeld said it best:

Courtesy of YouTube

 I travel quite frequently, and one thing I’ve begun to notice more and more is people’s proclivity towards wearing sweatpants on airplanes. What I have not noticed, however, is people exercising during the flight or while sitting around the airport. I’m always left scratching my head at people who are dropping over $250 on a flight yet can’t be bothered to wear pants that button for a trip that is not even two hours. What do these people wear to work/weddings/funerals/etc.?  How I long for the days of yore when people actually dressed up to go out in public and mingle with others.

5-BR-Pucci I Model standing in Engine

Image courtesy of UT Dallas

I want to live in a world where people are dressed up for travel and the flight attendants are wearing Pucci–am I really asking for too much?

Yes, I do own sweatpants, however I wear them in the comfort of my own home or while participating in an event that necessitates sweating as their name indicates. People wear sweatpants when they are sick, tired, hungover…feelings one doesn’t want to constantly be feeling, why wear them when you don’t feel that way? Think about how you feel when you are dressed up-you smile more, stand up straighter, look people in the eye because you feel good. And yes, if you don’t feel special at the end of the day sans sweats, you have my full permission to throw some on while catching up on the Real Housewives. However, if I see you wearing sweatpants on a plane, I will pants you. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

Zang and Facebook: It’s complicated

For those of you that know me in real life (how lucky you are!) you very well know I’ve deleted my personal page on the ole book over two years ago. While the reasons are numerous and valid, I’m not going to get into them today. I’ve recently come to realize that having a Facebook page will make it easier for my friends (hi!) and family (hello!) to find me, so I’ve taken the plunge. So please follow Zang Blogs on Facebook and like, comment, post, poke, the night away! (that’s what she said) If you are not into the FB, feel free to follow me on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or Keep. *self promotion ends here* TTFN!become-facebook-fan-someone-encouragement-ecard-someecards

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That special time of year: the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

I’ve decided that of all of the seasons (clothing wise), I love Fall the most. I really enjoy being able to showcase my outfits more since they are not hidden under coats. There isn’t snow on the ground, so its the perfect time to rock a gorgeous boot without being concerned of the side effects of the salt and snow. It’s also great hair weather, and everyone still looks replenished and healthy with their leftover summer tans.

Going hand in hand with my love of Fall is my love of the Nordstrom Anniversary sale. Few things can get me to think about boots and sweaters when its 90+ out and I’m solely concerned with wearing things that won’t stick to my body but this is it. I look forward to the sale every year, its a great way to start shopping for Fall (and winter), and its a great place to get investment worthy pieces at a great price.

I created a Keep board to track my favorite offerings, I choose to use Keep because it’s  shopping friendly, it’s more product based so you don’t have to sift through pictures of Kate Middleton*, or the latest Olive Garden copycat recipe. This year I was excited to see so much leather–mostly the leather sleeve trend carried over from last fall. Here are my picks–what are yours?


*I’m not sure why you wouldn’t want to scroll through pics of her–congrats on being a new Mum!

The bald man to the rescue

In my post-college Euro trip, my mother and I went to the Longchamp store and picked up a few items–at the time, it was one of the only things that was cheaper in France than in the states. Longchamp bags are great, they are nice and durable yet very lightweight. I wanted something you couldn’t get at Nordstrom, so I purchased this white clutch with a woman sunbathing on it. It’s a tad risque, and a great nod to the French proclivity to laying out topless (which we witnessed in Nice). Anyway, after 5 years, its gotten a tad dirty.


image_2   image_3








As you can see, it’s very well loved. The stains on the back are particularly egregious, and I’m sure are in no way were from that time I stuffed a Jumbo Slice in it in order to sneak it into a bar.

After carrying it on the fourth, I was a bit embarrassed when my friends called me out on how disgusting it was. I knew, but I chose to ignore it–what could I do to clean it? I wasn’t sure if it was dry clean-able, and I was afraid to put it in the washing machine. What’s a girl to do? Why, google of course!

Upon my diligent searching, I came across a few forums that mentioned success with cleaning using Magic Erasers. Voila! One of my favorite cleaning tools, I’ve been impressed with Magic Erasers ever since I used one to erase the Sharpie I had used on my bedroom wall to journal my senior year of college (COLLEGE!) It’s a miracle worker!

Cleaning required minimal effort, I barely had to scrub. I’m very impressed with my results, and now when I carry my bag people will be shocked by the topless girl, not by the stains.











The bald men comes through once again! I would accept nothing less from someone in such a pristine white tee shirt.

Making it in America: USA manufactured brands

Another patriotic post I hope you are reading while recuperating from the fourth. Whether or not you imbibed in too many vodka lemonades, think back to last Thursday when you were enjoying some fireworks with family, friends, and loved ones, and then come shopping with me.

Today I’m highlighting designers who primarily manufacture their goods in America. It’s important to support American-made goods for several reasons, it promotes local jobs, its better for the environment (less waste than shipping from overseas), its safer (let’s not forget the tragedy in Bangledesh), and it promotes the American legacy. Here are some companies you may or may not know are proud to be American:


DoDoCase: This is a San Fran based company that creates iPad, Kindle, etc covers inspired by bookbinding techniques, creating a balance of old world and new world design. I first heard of them when J.Crew started selling their wares, and I’m obsessed with this coral and gold iPad case. You can also get them personalized too, which is always a classy touch. Read more about their company here.

S13_3_WDR0199_A285_PDSteven Alan: The man who brought us the reverse seam shirt is becoming much more popular as he continues to open stores around the country (including one soon in Chicago!) and I’m excited to see more of his twists on Classic American pieces.


Photo credit: http://onthisdayinfashion.com/?p=7603

Thom Browne: A traditional menswear designer (and winner of several CFDA awards), in the past few years Browne has  introduced womenswear. Aside from the incredible awesomeness (new phrase alert!) that is going on in the photo above, Mobama also wore Thom Browne at the 2013 Inauguration. You can’t really get more American than dressing FLOTUS. Another fun fact, Thom Browne is a ND Grad. Considering Notre Dame’s proximity/presence in Chicago, we practically went to the same school.


Photo credit NYMag.com

J.Brand: Emerging during the designer denim phase of the mid-aughts, J.Brand has maintained its reputation for celeb-favored skinny jeans. Paying $200+ for jeans seems a bit steep today, however, it isn’t hard to find on sale (or at stores like Nordstrom Rack and Loehmans)


Rag & Bone: A brand created by British expats made and manufactured in good ole USA. Pretty much exactly what this country was founded on! Another brand heavily influenced by classic American staples, adding their own modern twist and British tailoring. I also chose the below picture because I have a similar tunic that when I wear I pretend to be Blake Lively (except I wear bottoms with it).


Photo credit: fabsugar.com

I am America

Ahhh, the Fourth of July. I personally have a strong identification with the holiday because I share a name with Betsy Ross. I’ve found this fact useful when introducing myself in loud places and as a helpful trick in remembering my name.  It’s also nice to have a holiday in the middle of the summer, and of course, I’m always enthusiastic about celebrating our great country. Maybe its my deep patriotism, but I also love the red, white, and blue combination. I have several red, white, and blue pieces in my wardrobe, and I’m sure you do too, so when dressing for the day, maybe think outside the stereotypical fourth garb (I’m looking at you, American flag jorts) and rock a patriotic, yet stylish outfit. Our founding fathers would be proud.

H&M v neck top, / Topshop lacy skirt / Diba wedge heel platform shoes / Kate Spade / Fantasy Jewelry Box cz ring / Bead necklace
I’ll be wearing something similar to this. Happy Fourth, friends!