Making it in America: USA manufactured brands

Another patriotic post I hope you are reading while recuperating from the fourth. Whether or not you imbibed in too many vodka lemonades, think back to last Thursday when you were enjoying some fireworks with family, friends, and loved ones, and then come shopping with me.

Today I’m highlighting designers who primarily manufacture their goods in America. It’s important to support American-made goods for several reasons, it promotes local jobs, its better for the environment (less waste than shipping from overseas), its safer (let’s not forget the tragedy in Bangledesh), and it promotes the American legacy. Here are some companies you may or may not know are proud to be American:


DoDoCase: This is a San Fran based company that creates iPad, Kindle, etc covers inspired by bookbinding techniques, creating a balance of old world and new world design. I first heard of them when J.Crew started selling their wares, and I’m obsessed with this coral and gold iPad case. You can also get them personalized too, which is always a classy touch. Read more about their company here.

S13_3_WDR0199_A285_PDSteven Alan: The man who brought us the reverse seam shirt is becoming much more popular as he continues to open stores around the country (including one soon in Chicago!) and I’m excited to see more of his twists on Classic American pieces.


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Thom Browne: A traditional menswear designer (and winner of several CFDA awards), in the past few years Browne has  introduced womenswear. Aside from the incredible awesomeness (new phrase alert!) that is going on in the photo above, Mobama also wore Thom Browne at the 2013 Inauguration. You can’t really get more American than dressing FLOTUS. Another fun fact, Thom Browne is a ND Grad. Considering Notre Dame’s proximity/presence in Chicago, we practically went to the same school.


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J.Brand: Emerging during the designer denim phase of the mid-aughts, J.Brand has maintained its reputation for celeb-favored skinny jeans. Paying $200+ for jeans seems a bit steep today, however, it isn’t hard to find on sale (or at stores like Nordstrom Rack and Loehmans)


Rag & Bone: A brand created by British expats made and manufactured in good ole USA. Pretty much exactly what this country was founded on! Another brand heavily influenced by classic American staples, adding their own modern twist and British tailoring. I also chose the below picture because I have a similar tunic that when I wear I pretend to be Blake Lively (except I wear bottoms with it).


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