The bald man to the rescue

In my post-college Euro trip, my mother and I went to the Longchamp store and picked up a few items–at the time, it was one of the only things that was cheaper in France than in the states. Longchamp bags are great, they are nice and durable yet very lightweight. I wanted something you couldn’t get at Nordstrom, so I purchased this white clutch with a woman sunbathing on it. It’s a tad risque, and a great nod to the French proclivity to laying out topless (which we witnessed in Nice). Anyway, after 5 years, its gotten a tad dirty.


image_2   image_3








As you can see, it’s very well loved. The stains on the back are particularly egregious, and I’m sure are in no way were from that time I stuffed a Jumbo Slice in it in order to sneak it into a bar.

After carrying it on the fourth, I was a bit embarrassed when my friends called me out on how disgusting it was. I knew, but I chose to ignore it–what could I do to clean it? I wasn’t sure if it was dry clean-able, and I was afraid to put it in the washing machine. What’s a girl to do? Why, google of course!

Upon my diligent searching, I came across a few forums that mentioned success with cleaning using Magic Erasers. Voila! One of my favorite cleaning tools, I’ve been impressed with Magic Erasers ever since I used one to erase the Sharpie I had used on my bedroom wall to journal my senior year of college (COLLEGE!) It’s a miracle worker!

Cleaning required minimal effort, I barely had to scrub. I’m very impressed with my results, and now when I carry my bag people will be shocked by the topless girl, not by the stains.











The bald men comes through once again! I would accept nothing less from someone in such a pristine white tee shirt.


2 thoughts on “The bald man to the rescue

  1. Thank you for sharing the pictures before and after cleaning. I have a white tree-of-life longchamp which has stains and is looking anything but pristine. Haven’t gotten around to cleaning it but since using it (after simply ages) the stains kinda bug me more so I’ll be looking for something to clean mine too

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