That special time of year: the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

I’ve decided that of all of the seasons (clothing wise), I love Fall the most. I really enjoy being able to showcase my outfits more since they are not hidden under coats. There isn’t snow on the ground, so its the perfect time to rock a gorgeous boot without being concerned of the side effects of the salt and snow. It’s also great hair weather, and everyone still looks replenished and healthy with their leftover summer tans.

Going hand in hand with my love of Fall is my love of the Nordstrom Anniversary sale. Few things can get me to think about boots and sweaters when its 90+ out and I’m solely concerned with wearing things that won’t stick to my body but this is it. I look forward to the sale every year, its a great way to start shopping for Fall (and winter), and its a great place to get investment worthy pieces at a great price.

I created a Keep board to track my favorite offerings, I choose to use Keep because it’s  shopping friendly, it’s more product based so you don’t have to sift through pictures of Kate Middleton*, or the latest Olive Garden copycat recipe. This year I was excited to see so much leather–mostly the leather sleeve trend carried over from last fall. Here are my picks–what are yours?


*I’m not sure why you wouldn’t want to scroll through pics of her–congrats on being a new Mum!


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