Sweatpants and the downfall of society

Jerry Seinfeld said it best:

Courtesy of YouTube

 I travel quite frequently, and one thing I’ve begun to notice more and more is people’s proclivity towards wearing sweatpants on airplanes. What I have not noticed, however, is people exercising during the flight or while sitting around the airport. I’m always left scratching my head at people who are dropping over $250 on a flight yet can’t be bothered to wear pants that button for a trip that is not even two hours. What do these people wear to work/weddings/funerals/etc.?  How I long for the days of yore when people actually dressed up to go out in public and mingle with others.

5-BR-Pucci I Model standing in Engine

Image courtesy of UT Dallas

I want to live in a world where people are dressed up for travel and the flight attendants are wearing Pucci–am I really asking for too much?

Yes, I do own sweatpants, however I wear them in the comfort of my own home or while participating in an event that necessitates sweating as their name indicates. People wear sweatpants when they are sick, tired, hungover…feelings one doesn’t want to constantly be feeling, why wear them when you don’t feel that way? Think about how you feel when you are dressed up-you smile more, stand up straighter, look people in the eye because you feel good. And yes, if you don’t feel special at the end of the day sans sweats, you have my full permission to throw some on while catching up on the Real Housewives. However, if I see you wearing sweatpants on a plane, I will pants you. Don’t say you weren’t warned.


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