Zang’s Book Club: August

I’ve taken a bit of a hiatus this summer with the book club, but as summer is winding down (and I’m going away for a week of beach) I’ve brought back the book club for August. Today I’m suggesting probably my favorite book of all time: Jaqueline Susann’s Valley of the Dolls. This might be the most glamorous book ever written, it details three young women and their journeys to fame and fortune (and subsequent downfalls). When it was released in 1966, it was quite scandalous at the time with it’s candid talk of drug use and women’s sexuality. This of course, did not stop it from selling a record 30 million copies.



Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

Perhaps the most glamorous part of the book, however, is it’s author. Jaqueline Susann grew up middle-class in Philadelphia, her wish in her yearbook was to own a fur coat. She married her husband Irving Mansfield after running off to New York, where her encounters with the rich and famous gave her endless inspiration for Valley of the Dolls and her following books. She’s also known for always wearing Pucci (which you may be able to tell by now I have an affinity for), and is rumored to have had an affair with Coco Chanel (who knows the legitimacy of that one–but even having a rumor like that floating around is so beyond).

Jacqueline_SusannPhoto courtesy of Wikipedia. Also, I’m planning on emulating that entire look in about 35 years.

I also know I’ve suggested this before, but the colors and font of her books really look fabulous on a bookshelf as well.


I thought the gold purse was in good company with Jackie’s books. Valley of the Dolls is missing because I loaned it to a friend who never returned it, I’m currently in the market for a vintage copy. 

If you can’t get enough of Jackie, or Valley of the Dolls (which I can sympathize), I recommend any of her other books, the movie based on the book, AND the delightfully campy biopic about Jacqueline starring none other than Bette Midler! (and Nathan Lane AND Rizzo!). See, I’ve given you so much to read and see while I’m away you will barely miss me! See you in September!


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