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One of the things I miss about not being in school is getting that fresh start that students get when starting a new school year. New supplies, new books, new teachers, new challenges, I always enjoyed having that moment where you feel you can do anything you set your mind to (personally, that feeling would last until maybe the first quiz–studious I am not). This fall I’ve decided that I don’t need to be in school to get my fresh start. I’ve got new clothes (I’ll share soon), a new apartment, a new haircut (well, 3 inches shorter), and a new fitness regime (I’ve gone on TWO runs in the past week–upping my total number of runs in 2013 to 3). I’ve also started to give more love and attention to my baby, this blog, who is finally sleeping through the night. Along with all of that, I’ve found some inspiring women who’ve influenced me lately.

This week I started reading Mindy Kaling’s book Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns). I’ve been hesitant to start it because I didn’t care much for Tiny Fey’s memoir and I was worried it would change my love of Mindy, but I’ve found it hilariously inspiring. She’s self deprecating in a lighthearted, not pathetic, way and I love reading about her rise to fame.


And she’s a friend/fan of Tory B.

Image from:

Tonight I was also inspired at an event held at the Apple store hosted by the Co-Founders of, Danielle Moss and Alaina Kaczmarski, about starting your blog and building your brand. I’ve been reading The Everygirl for awhile now, the site is approachable and friendly, and I find their interviews very uplifting. The Everygirl also seems to end up in my mailbox whenever I’m feeling frustrated at work and need a break, like those little sacks in The Hunger Games that deliver soup. Danielle and Alaina both described the feeling of cluelessness about their future and how their individual blogs led them to where they are today. One of the first things Alaina said was, “Just because you don’t know something yet doesn’t mean you can’t figure it out”. Having this blog has been a learning process, definitely, and their is so, so, so, so, much more to learn. Image

I took some photos of the event but my cracked iPhone didn’t do these ladies justice, so I found this on Alaina’s personal blog

Photo courtesy of Alaina’s blog, Live Creating Yourself\

Reading about Mindy and hearing from The Everygirls has made me realize that great things can happen if you work hard and focus on your goals. I can’t help but find their great energy and enthusiasm contagious. So remember, just because we’ve upgraded from lockers and LLBean backpacks doesn’t mean that we can’t get a fresh fall start!

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