The Return of Zang

I’m baaaaack! To my dear family and friends, thanks for noting my blogging absence. It means so much to me that you even take the time to read this in the first place. You all continue to bowl me over with your support. With that said, I’m giving it another go.

I’ve thought a lot over the past month about what it is I want to come out of all this. The reason I started this blog is because I like to write, I like fashion, and if thousands of other people can do it, well heck, so can I. I soon became caught up in the marketing aspect of blogging, social media strategies, marketing, gaining followers, etc. It became a chore, I wasn’t posting based on inspiration, I was posting because my editorial calendar was telling me to. It isn’t fair to me, who is doing this as a creative outlet, and it isn’t fair to you, the reader, to spend your time reading half assed posts.

So I’m throwing all that out the window. Cheers to the new and improved, Zang Blogs.


No one likes posts without photos, so here is one of me at an art show in the Loop back in September. Happy?

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