All the better to hear you with!

Lately I’ve been noticing there has been a lot of buzz around multiple ear piercings. Bloggers are showing off their second hole (don’t be gross) all over Instagram, and just last week Jennifer Aniston, the woman that launched a thousand shag haircuts, got her cartilage pierced with Gucci Westman, makeup artist to the stars. I myself succumbed to the double pierce on a service trip in high school, my friend Kelly did it. I also had my cartilage, and for a brief time, my nose, which I got done in Portugal for 4 Euro. I’ve since taken out all of my piercings except my standard lobes, the OG, done at Piercing Pagoda for my tenth birthday. My facial features are somewhat dainty, particularly my ears, so I rarely wear earrings at all, but I’m not opposed to something small and tasteful (a Z perhaps?) in my still remaining second hole. However, if this is in fact the next iteration of the 90’s/early 2000’s resurgence I’m wary. Because you know what comes next: belly buttons. And that is one thing that this cruel cruel world doesn’t need to see again.


My cartilage also had a diamond in it. I got it done on the boardwalk with a Fake ID. 


Looks like JAlba is on board too!


I also enjoy the bar in the second hole. Like these from Chicago-based designer Dana Rebecca!

Photos courtesy of: Instagram, Instagram, Dana Rebecca Designs

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