Fashionista Friday: Helena Bordon

In this new weekly feature, I’ll showcase my favorite look of the week. Think of it as “Zang’s Best Dressed” but with alliteration. Everything is better with alliteration!

This week I’m featuring Helena Bordon who I spotted on the NYTimes Instagram account photographed outside of Milan Fashion Week. Based on my Portuguese, she’s wearing DSquared, Camila Klein, and Miu Miu. I love how Helena is still hanging on to summer with these bright colors and classic stripes, and the crop top is flouncy and retro enough to have the perfect amount of irreverence. Also, I know they are everywhere, but I still have a lot of love for a lucite clutch. It’s ladies like Helena who make me want to be blonde again. #staystrong Beijos! xx


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Fall Wardrobe Update

This past weekend was extremely transitional in Chi-town. Saturday was gorgeous, it was sunny and the perfect temperature. I was sitting outside most of the day in a tee and sandals–heaven. Sunday brought rain and cold, and today was perfect sweater weather. Why I still haven’t broken out my boots, I’ve been phasing out my sundresses and tank tops for sweaters and jeans, and jazzing up my current wardrobe with some new additions. Lots of leather, a touch of plaid, and a staple pair of black booties. Like it or not, fall is upon us.


Sabine leather dress (maxi version similar), J.Crew Factory shirt and vest (similar), Tinley Road faux leather tee 

Forever21 booties (similar), Lily White leopard pants (I actually got these at Nordstrom Rack), J.Crew Factory pant (similar), J.Crew Factory sweatshirt (similar)

What are some of your favorite fall purchases?

Inspiration Station

One of the things I miss about not being in school is getting that fresh start that students get when starting a new school year. New supplies, new books, new teachers, new challenges, I always enjoyed having that moment where you feel you can do anything you set your mind to (personally, that feeling would last until maybe the first quiz–studious I am not). This fall I’ve decided that I don’t need to be in school to get my fresh start. I’ve got new clothes (I’ll share soon), a new apartment, a new haircut (well, 3 inches shorter), and a new fitness regime (I’ve gone on TWO runs in the past week–upping my total number of runs in 2013 to 3). I’ve also started to give more love and attention to my baby, this blog, who is finally sleeping through the night. Along with all of that, I’ve found some inspiring women who’ve influenced me lately.

This week I started reading Mindy Kaling’s book Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns). I’ve been hesitant to start it because I didn’t care much for Tiny Fey’s memoir and I was worried it would change my love of Mindy, but I’ve found it hilariously inspiring. She’s self deprecating in a lighthearted, not pathetic, way and I love reading about her rise to fame.


And she’s a friend/fan of Tory B.

Image from:

Tonight I was also inspired at an event held at the Apple store hosted by the Co-Founders of, Danielle Moss and Alaina Kaczmarski, about starting your blog and building your brand. I’ve been reading The Everygirl for awhile now, the site is approachable and friendly, and I find their interviews very uplifting. The Everygirl also seems to end up in my mailbox whenever I’m feeling frustrated at work and need a break, like those little sacks in The Hunger Games that deliver soup. Danielle and Alaina both described the feeling of cluelessness about their future and how their individual blogs led them to where they are today. One of the first things Alaina said was, “Just because you don’t know something yet doesn’t mean you can’t figure it out”. Having this blog has been a learning process, definitely, and their is so, so, so, so, much more to learn. Image

I took some photos of the event but my cracked iPhone didn’t do these ladies justice, so I found this on Alaina’s personal blog

Photo courtesy of Alaina’s blog, Live Creating Yourself\

Reading about Mindy and hearing from The Everygirls has made me realize that great things can happen if you work hard and focus on your goals. I can’t help but find their great energy and enthusiasm contagious. So remember, just because we’ve upgraded from lockers and LLBean backpacks doesn’t mean that we can’t get a fresh fall start!

Social Set

With the onset of NYFW, I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite people to follow on social media. Along with my daily dose of R29, these are the people who I turn to for the most up to date fashion news, celeb style, and of course, the lastest and greatest on my Duchess. The thing I love most about these ladies don’t take themselves too seriously, which is what fashion is all about.

Amy O’Dell


Photo courtesy of

Amy O’Dell is somewhat hard to keep track of, I first started reading her on The Cut, then at Buzzfeed (where she started Buzzfeed Fashion) and now she is the EIC of At Buzzfeed, she started this excellent series about how various individuals broke into fashion, like the charming Mickey Boardman of Paper Magazine. Amy’s tweets are both satirical and spot on, she is a true tastemaker who describes herself on her Twitter bio as “Fashion blogger, not the kind that assumes you care about my clothes.” In case you need more proof, please see the photo above.  She isn’t overstyled or too trendy, she’s sort of “classic with a wink” Hello Miu Miu! Follow her on Twitter here.

Sasha Charnin Morrison


I hate wearing pants too! Sasha, she’s #justlikeus

Photo courtesy of Twitter

I first found a kindred spirit in Sasha when I saw her feature on The Coveteur. I love the organized chaos of her home and her eye for off-beat colors for closet staples (see: hot pink Celine). As a formal stylist and current Fashion Director at US Weekly (the fashion is the only reason I even buy US Weekly), Sasha has an opinion on anything and everything celeb style. Her Instagram feed is always a treat, everything from throwbacks of Liza Minelli, to epic finds on shopping trips (everywhere from Century 21 to Bergdorfs), to my personal favorite, the day she wrote a pronunciation guide to designer names.  Follow her here on Twitter and here on Instagram.

Elizabeth Holmes


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Elizabeth Holmes is, as my mother would describe, “someone I would be friends with”. Simply put: she is adorable. Originally a political reporter for the WSJ, Holmes made the jump to lifestyle and fashion a few years ago, creating a fun, more accessible Journal with articles on things pertaining to the everywoman, like the redevelopment of Clinique’s iconic moisturizer or the beauty of carrying a smaller bag. She also hosts THIS videos on YouTube, with tutorials about wearing colorful eyeliner, or incorporating trends into your wardrobe. She was on my shortlist of people to follow during both the Royal Wedding and the birth of Prince George, her main focus, of course,  our Kate. In writing this post I came across her Tumblr, which nicely showcases pics, her articles, and her THIS videos. Follow Elizabeth on Twitter here, and Instagram here.

The Fug Girls (Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan)


My sister turned me on to several years ago, and ever since I’ve been hooked. Heather and Morgan’s website about celeb style (and it’s FUGliness) is side achingly funny, I almost lost it in my cube when I read their “Fabtrospective of Peter Gabriel’s Eyebrows” celebrating the tenth anniversary of The OC. The girls have a shared love of fabulous television (90210, Dynasty), a board on Pinterest entitled “Various Turban’s of Note”, and their tweets (usually including a word in CAPS, and always signed “m” or “h”) about Lilo as Liz Taylor got me through that movie. Did I mention they were also Royal Fanatics? (Morgan has the same copy of Tattler that I do…#soulmates). Follow the Fug Girls on Twitter here, Heather on Instagram (with bonus pics of her adorable twin sons), and Morgan on Instagram here.  Bonus: the are also doing amazing coverage of Fashion Week over on The Cut.

Who are your favorites to follow? Happy Fashion Week!

Bootie Call

Labor Day is always a day of mixed feelings for me. Summer is technically over, the temperature has yet to drop, leading to the ultimate transitional season, Fall, which in my humble opinion, is the most fun season to dress. As a Chicagoan, I always hesitate to whip out my tall boots, knowing that my tired feet will not see daylight after being in those things for at least 5 months. Enter: the bootie. You can wear with bare legs, jeans, or even pair them with a maxi to get some extra mileage out of it. Aside from the extra ankle support that makes booties ultra comfy, their shorter stature let’s you have a bit more fun, with colors and embellishments that would look a little too much on a higher boot. I found you, Miss New Bootie!booties
Seychelles black booties boots / Kenneth Cole boots / Rachel Zoe wedge boots / River Island chelsea booties / Madewell flat shoes / Topshop short boots

Zang’s Book Club: August

I’ve taken a bit of a hiatus this summer with the book club, but as summer is winding down (and I’m going away for a week of beach) I’ve brought back the book club for August. Today I’m suggesting probably my favorite book of all time: Jaqueline Susann’s Valley of the Dolls. This might be the most glamorous book ever written, it details three young women and their journeys to fame and fortune (and subsequent downfalls). When it was released in 1966, it was quite scandalous at the time with it’s candid talk of drug use and women’s sexuality. This of course, did not stop it from selling a record 30 million copies.



Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

Perhaps the most glamorous part of the book, however, is it’s author. Jaqueline Susann grew up middle-class in Philadelphia, her wish in her yearbook was to own a fur coat. She married her husband Irving Mansfield after running off to New York, where her encounters with the rich and famous gave her endless inspiration for Valley of the Dolls and her following books. She’s also known for always wearing Pucci (which you may be able to tell by now I have an affinity for), and is rumored to have had an affair with Coco Chanel (who knows the legitimacy of that one–but even having a rumor like that floating around is so beyond).

Jacqueline_SusannPhoto courtesy of Wikipedia. Also, I’m planning on emulating that entire look in about 35 years.

I also know I’ve suggested this before, but the colors and font of her books really look fabulous on a bookshelf as well.


I thought the gold purse was in good company with Jackie’s books. Valley of the Dolls is missing because I loaned it to a friend who never returned it, I’m currently in the market for a vintage copy. 

If you can’t get enough of Jackie, or Valley of the Dolls (which I can sympathize), I recommend any of her other books, the movie based on the book, AND the delightfully campy biopic about Jacqueline starring none other than Bette Midler! (and Nathan Lane AND Rizzo!). See, I’ve given you so much to read and see while I’m away you will barely miss me! See you in September!

Zang goes to a fashion show

Last Thursday I attended an Atelier Azza fashion show with my fashionable friend Erika.  Azeeza Khan is a Chicago-based designer who debuted Atelier Azza in 2012. She opened her first retail space at North Bridge in December and has quickly grown out of it, she is opening up shop at the 900 Shops any day now. It’s easy to see why and how this designer has grown so quickly, her beautiful designs are interesting yet timeless, work on a large variety of body types, and are appropriate for both the young and the old. Azeeza’s use of embellishments have become somewhat of her signature, and she uses them in a way that is both artful yet not overdone.  Below are some of my snaps from the event:


The event was catered by Boutique Bites, the perfect choice considering owner Elaina Vazquez’s passion for mixing food and fashion. Aside from being delicious, it fed my interest in all things little!


I loved the mandarin collar on this piece, complete with Azeeza’s signature embellishment


 This gorgeous chartreuse looked amazing on the red-headed model.


Azeeza also featured several separates, proving she is not stopping at dresses. Anyone who knows me knows how much I love a good embellished top.