Tiki Time: Three Dots and a Dash

Last week I finally went and checked out Three Dots and a Dash, the new tiki bar from Paul McGee and the Lettuce Entertain You fellas. It had a great atmosphere, the drinks were delicious, and at the moment there is nothing else like it in Chicago. McGee and co are harkening back to the time when tiki bars were uber popular, and they are definitely successful in bringing back the trend.

Piquing my interest in popular things of yore, I researched a little bit about the origin of tiki bars. Don the Beachcomber was the first to set up shop in LA in 1934, Trader Vic’s followed after (RIP Trader Vic’s in the Palmer House). At the time, air and boat travel had become more affordable, and interest in exotic cultures became widespread. Hence, tiki bars became a big hit. But, more importantly, what were people wearing?


Image from www.what-i-found.blogspot.com

I spy a peplum! I normally have mixed feelings about peplums, but I think the McQueen below executes them well. The dress also features an empire waist and billowy sleeves, another big trend in 1934.

Alexander McQueen Peplum Detail Dress

The dress above is currently sold out (and if you are even reading my blog chances are you aren’t the type who has $1,200 for a dress). Ones also featuring 1934 trends here and here.