Oops..I did it again.

I “kept” some of the highlights from the Nordstrom Half-Yearly sale. Shop a bit for yourself before you go into a panic holiday shopping. In the words of J.Crew: “Your closet thanks you too” Check out my finds on Keep.com.



Fall Wardrobe Update

This past weekend was extremely transitional in Chi-town. Saturday was gorgeous, it was sunny and the perfect temperature. I was sitting outside most of the day in a tee and sandals–heaven. Sunday brought rain and cold, and today was perfect sweater weather. Why I still haven’t broken out my boots, I’ve been phasing out my sundresses and tank tops for sweaters and jeans, and jazzing up my current wardrobe with some new additions. Lots of leather, a touch of plaid, and a staple pair of black booties. Like it or not, fall is upon us.


Sabine leather dress (maxi version similar), J.Crew Factory shirt and vest (similar), Tinley Road faux leather tee 

Forever21 booties (similar), Lily White leopard pants (I actually got these at Nordstrom Rack), J.Crew Factory pant (similar), J.Crew Factory sweatshirt (similar)

What are some of your favorite fall purchases?

That special time of year: the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

I’ve decided that of all of the seasons (clothing wise), I love Fall the most. I really enjoy being able to showcase my outfits more since they are not hidden under coats. There isn’t snow on the ground, so its the perfect time to rock a gorgeous boot without being concerned of the side effects of the salt and snow. It’s also great hair weather, and everyone still looks replenished and healthy with their leftover summer tans.

Going hand in hand with my love of Fall is my love of the Nordstrom Anniversary sale. Few things can get me to think about boots and sweaters when its 90+ out and I’m solely concerned with wearing things that won’t stick to my body but this is it. I look forward to the sale every year, its a great way to start shopping for Fall (and winter), and its a great place to get investment worthy pieces at a great price.

I created a Keep board to track my favorite offerings, I choose to use Keep because it’s  shopping friendly, it’s more product based so you don’t have to sift through pictures of Kate Middleton*, or the latest Olive Garden copycat recipe. This year I was excited to see so much leather–mostly the leather sleeve trend carried over from last fall. Here are my picks–what are yours?


*I’m not sure why you wouldn’t want to scroll through pics of her–congrats on being a new Mum!


MomsThree of my favorite and most stylish famous moms (and moms to be)

Today is mother’s day, and while unfortunately I can’t actually be with my mom today, I have been reflecting on everything she has given me over the years and how she has shaped me to be the person I am today. It was her hand I was holding the day I first set foot into Bergdorf’s, dressed to the nines. It was with her that every January we went to the Ferragamo store to their annual sale, a store that first gave me a real appreciation of fine–and classic–shoes. Saturdays growing up were spent shopping, sifting through the racks at Loehmans, Nordstrom Rack, and Filene’s Basement, a store closing that we both mourned. We never pay full price!She instilled in me the importance of looking nice, both as a sign of respect to myself and to others. She encouraged my at-times quirky fashion choices, shaping my unique style I have today.

Not only am I incredibly lucky to have a mother that’s as smart, kind, and beautiful as mine, I’m also lucky to have her as my best friend. Based on my Instagram I’m not the only one to think my mom is the best, so today, while you are having brunch and sharing a toast to your mom, thank her for everything she’s given you.

Glitter Shoes: A Love Story

Today I experienced a very sad day that occurs at least once in every woman’s life, I had to bid farewell to a pair of shoes. I wore said pair to work, and halfway through the day I realized that this would be our last time together. They weren’t supporting me like they once did, there were begins of a split, and pieces of them were elsewhere, namely a small pile of sequins under my desk.

I had known these shoes for a very, very long time, I met them in the Delia*s catalog (whEn thEir cOPy LoOkED LikE tHis) we’ve been through several years of retail together, but it just wasn’t working anymore. It was time to bid farewell.

In thinking about our relationship, I realized that this pair was the first of many in my adoration of glitter shoes. Going through my closet, I count six, on my wish list, two more. What continues to attract me to them? Is it their ability to add some glam to any boring outfit? Their surprising neutrality? When it comes down to it, I decided it’s because just looking at them makes me smile. Isn’t that what every woman wants?

ImageI gave myself the Coveteur treatment and photographed my collection of glitter shoes (L to R) Madewell, Nordstrom Rack, my former darling, Vince Camuto, TOMS

Lacy Overthings

Untitled #2
Every year I give up shopping for Lent to save money and really think about what I need rather than what I want. The day after Easter I treated myself to this lace tee from Nordstrom’s BP department. It’s on sale for less than $20, with free shipping I was sold. It’s a really sweet and airy top, and I think I’ll wear it a lot this summer. I have probably eight to ten of these J.Crew tanks in a variety of colors, I stock up when I’m they are on sale or when I’m at the Factory store. The reflex here is to pair the sheer tee with a neutral tank, like the cream on the model, but I can’t wait to try it with my turquoise or light purple tank underneath. Another way to be a little more unexpected would be pairing it with a delicate long gold necklace.